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We product various forms of closed cooling towers and evaporative condensers, have the most advanced technology of the industry , manufacturing technology and detection methods for lead .Our products are designed concept advanced, technology application mature, high cost performance ,and run security reliable, have high cooling efficiency, occupy little space, and running maintenance simple, running energy consumption low, construction cycle short, body weight light, foundation processing costs low, water quality adaptation range wide. They are widely used in water circulating system of the industries include the metallurgical、the electric、the petrochemical、and the machinery, and so on. Thanks to a large number of project implementation experience, so that we can rapidly make the possible solution for the customers.

Now we products mainly in the following categories:

(1) TBH Crossflow Closed Cooling Towers
(2) TBT Counterflow Closed Cooling Towers
(3) TBR Combinedflow Closed Cooling Towers
(4) TZC Counterflow Evaporative Condensers
(5) TZR Combinedflow Evaporative Condensers
(6) TKT Counter flow Cooling Towers

Main application of Closed Cooling Towers
(1) Metallurgical ,machinery ,petrochemical, silicate industry.
(2) The soft water closed loop of ironworks blast furnace;
(3) The water cooling systems of steel mill furnace、mold、oxygen lance and other devices;
(4) The water cooling systems of rolling mills and coking plants;
(5) The water cooling systems of blowers、motors、rolling mill and other equipments;
(6) The water cooling systems of medium frequency induction furnace、the high-frequency power supply and electronic control、furnace、heat penetration furnace、hardening furnace、vacuum furnace、induction     holding furnace;
(7) Machining and grinding equipment cooling oil cooling; air compressor cylinder liner cooling
(8) Casting, forging, welding equipment, internal process water cooling
(9) The low bit of oil cooling refining chemical plant, oil and gas condensate cooling of kinds of towers.
(10) Petrochemical compressor stations, coal-bed methane station;
(11) Support the glass furnace, mono-crystal or polycrystal furnace
(12) Water cooling system of the large-scale injection molding machine;
(13) Power plants, nuclear power plants, substations; Transformer oil cooler;
(14)Support the high-end central air conditioning units and water source heat pump system, water-cooled unit
(15) Direct cooling, that is, when the outdoor air wet bulb temperature dropped to a value after the refrigerator stops running, the closed cooling tower water directly go to the air conditioner, as the cold water, remove the cold and wet load of the air-conditioned room.
(16) Food、beverage and other industries;

Main application of Evaporative Condensers
(1) Refrigeration plants, ammonia condensation of cold storage
(2) Low-temperature processing and cold storage of food, beer, beverage and other industries;
(3) Industrial refrigeration of industries as chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and so on;
(4) Building air conditioning and other fields

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